Một số nghiên cứu về y tế (liên quan tới tình hình tài chính bệnh nhân)

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Op-Economica, 18-9-2014 — Các tài liệu này cần để tham khảo cho việc nghiên cứu tiếp theo.

Hầu hết là các bản soft copy của các tạp chí khoa học.


  1. User fees and health service utilization in Vietnam
  2. The economic impact of dengue hemorrhagic fever on family level in Southern Vietnam
  3. The economic burden of illness for households in developing countries
  4. Socioeconomic status overrides age and gender in determining health-seeking behaviour in rural Bangladesh
  5. Reforming China’s urban health insurance system
  6. Public perceptions of private health care in socialist China
  7. Protecting households from catastrophic health spending
  8. Primary health care meets the market – lessons from China and Vietnam
  9. Lancet – Equity and health sector reforms – can low-income countries escape the medical poverty trap
  10. J Public Health-2005-Shaikh-49-54 Health seeking behaviour and health service utilization in Pakistan
  11. Informal payments for health care in transition economies
  12. if they get sick they are in trouble
  13. Household out-of-pocket payments for illness – evidence from Vietnam
  14. Health Policy Plan.-2008-Ekman-252-63
  15. Health Policy Plan.-2005-Sepehri-90-9
  16. Health Policy Plan.-2004-Ensor-69-79 Overcoming barriers to health service access
  17. Health Policy Plan.-2002-Ha-61-70 Household utilization and expenditure on private and public health services in Vietnam
  18. Health Policy Plan.-1996-BOGG-238-52 The cost of coverage – rural health insurance in China
  19. Health care seeking by the poor in transitional economies – the case of Vietnam
  20. Effect of payments for health care on poverty estimates in 11 countries in Asia
  21. Drug use and health-seeking behavior for childhood illness in Vietnam—a qualitative study
  22. Disparities in Health and Health Care_ Focusing Efforts to Eliminate Unequal Burdens
  23. Choice of healthcare provider following reform in Vietnam
  24. Changes in out-of-pocket payments for healthcare in Vietnam and its impact on equity in payments, 1992–2002
  25. Chandra_SkinnerJELSept2012 Technology growth and expenditure growth in health care
  26. Catastrophic payments for health care in Asia
  27. Catastrophic and poverty impacts of health payments – results from national household surveys in Thailand
  28. Can rural health insurance improve equity in health care utilization
  29. Can I afford free treatment Behavior.Gender.TB.health-seeking
  30. Access Affordability VietNam EconomicTransition Warning
  31. Inequalities in Universal Health Coverage – Evidence from Vietnam
  32. Health and vulnerability to poverty in Ghana