Be rich or don’t be sick: estimating Vietnamese patients’ risk of falling into destitution

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SpringerPlus, 21-9-2015 — SpringerPlus 2015, 4:529  doi:10.1186/s40064-015-1279-x. [File pdf: s40064-015-1279-x]


s_some_250px_plusThis paper represents the first research attempt to estimate the probabilities of Vietnamese patients falling into destitution due to financial burdens occurring during a curative hospital stay. The study models risk against such factors as level of insurance coverage, residency status of patient, and cost of treatment, among others. The results show that very high probabilities of destitution, approximately 70 %, apply to a large group of patients, who are non-residents, poor and ineligible for significant insurance coverage. There is also a probability of 58 % that seriously ill low-income patients who face higher health care costs would quit their treatment. These facts put the Vietnamese government’s ambitious plan of increasing both universal coverage (UC) to 100 % of expenditure and the rate of UC beneficiaries to 100 %, to a serious test. The current study also raises issues of asymmetric information and alternative financing options for the poor, who are most exposed to risk of destitution following market-based health care reforms.

JEL Classification: I13, I18, I19.

Keywords: Health insurance; Government policy on health care; Risk of destitution.


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