Commemorating 10th anniversary of 1st empirical research in Vietnam banking

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Op-Economica, 10-2-2016 (Têt Holiday; 3rd of the lunar new year of the Monkey) — The paper (in Vietnamese) has been published for 10 years now representing one of the first attempts to bring empirical methodology in the then nascent economics / business research field in Vietnam’s emerging economy.

It was published in the Vietnam Journal of Mathematical Applications in volume 4, number 2, a joint publication of Vietnam Society for Application of Mathematics and Vietnamese Mathematical Society, under administration by the Department of Applied Mathematics of Hanoi University of Technology (formerly known as Hanoi Polytechnic University).


Lead author in 2005 when the problem started being investigated with a 3000+ observation data set.

* Reference:

Vuong Quan Hoang, Dao Gia Hung, Nguyen Van Huu, Tran Minh Ngoc, Le Hong Phuong (2016). Statistical Method in Development of Credit Scoring System. Vietnam Journal of Mathematical Applications, Vol. 4, No. 2, pp. 1-16. [Paper in Vietnamese “Phương pháp thống kê xây dựng mô hình định mức tín nhiệm khách hàng thể nhân” with an English abstract]


In this paper, we consider the problem of credit scoring for personal
customers. The main statistical tools are used to establish the credit
scoring system are theory of classification and discrimination. Our
method is illustrated on the credit customer data set of a trade bank.


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Following this exercise, today V&A has continued the track of empirical study and has since made numerous contributions to the academic literature of economics and business research. Where and when possible, we try our best to construct data sets, analyze statistics and reach practical management and policy implications for our home country, Vietnam.

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